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Garage Door Spring Repair - Redwood City, CA

Damaged springs on your garage door are not something you want to postpone fixing. Torsion or extension springs provide the force necessary to lift and close the heavy door. A malfunctioning spring may put a lot of unnecessary stress on other parts of the door – on the garage door opener, for example. Damaged springs damage other components over time and cause a lot of other problems. The best thing to do as soon as you notice the springs may be damaged is to call Redwood City Garage Door Services. Our technicians know what to look at and will quickly pinpoint the cause of the problem. We will then quickly fix the springs or replace them with a new pair. Remember that you should never work on torsion or extension springs if you don’t know what you’re doing and you lack the proper set of tools. These are dangerous parts that have hurt people in the past; stay away from them and call us immediately!

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Garage Door Spring Repair - Redwood City, CASome of the signs of a broken spring are:

  • The door goes up a few inches after you press the wall switch and then suddenly stops. This is a security feature built into the garage door that prevents damage to the door opener.
  • You hear a loud bang when the door is operating. One of the springs may have snapped.
  • You see signs of rust or – even worse – a gap in the torsion spring.
  • The top section of your garage door appears to be bent. This is caused by the opener trying to open a door that has a broken spring.
  • You pull the emergency release rope and the garage door can’t be lifted. In other cases, the door is jerky when opening or closing.

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If you notice any of the symptoms above, stop using the door and contact us. We are able to replace the springs quickly and return your garage door to full working order the same day in most cases. Our services are very affordable and we guarantee that we will exceed your expectations.

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